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Messages from mrhaki [ 121 clicks ] - 21 hours 17 minutes ago
The @ToString AST transformation has several parameters we can define to customize the generated code for the toString method. We have already seen some of the parameters in an earlier blog post, but ...
Messages from mrhaki [ 100 clicks ] - 21 hours 17 minutes ago
Since Groovy 2.1 we can use a nice builder syntax to define customizers for a CompileConfiguration instance. We must use the static withConfig method of the class CompilerCustomizationBuilder in the p...
Messages from mrhaki [ 95 clicks ] - 1 day 30 minutes ago
Running Groovy scripts with GroovyShell is easy. We can for example incorporate a Domain Specific Language (DSL) in our application where the DSL is expressed in Groovy code and executed by GroovyShel...
Transentia [ 152 clicks ] - 1 day 6 hours 55 minutes ago
My Suite of Grails functional tests for one of my customers applications have been growing and I have recently added a few tests covering reports that are fairly…ponderous. So I have decided to ...
[ Guillaume Laforge ] [ 352 clicks ] - 1 day 11 hours ago
The Easter bunny is delivering the latest Groovy Weekly column!With your chocolate eggs, you���ll get some bits of functional programming, a tutorial on Groovy traits, details of the JSON serializatio...
Object Partners Inc » Blog [ 294 clicks ] - 1 day 17 hours 55 minutes ago
About a year ago I stumbled upon a great post by Himanshu Seth on the IntelliGrape website about tracking Hibernate stats across Grails actions/requests. It involves adding a new Grails controller fil...
IntelliGrape Blog [ 142 clicks ] - 1 day 20 hours 54 minutes ago
IntelliJ IDEA provides a handy debugger for grails, which simplifies debugging. Many people try avoiding using this awesome feature just because, either, they don’t want to leave the old habit o...
all-IT [ 127 clicks ] - 2 days 5 hours 25 minutes ago
Wenn man die Groovy und Grails Tool Suite (GGTS) benutzt braucht man sich um die Installation von Groovy keine Gedanken machen. M��chte man aber auf einem Unix oder Linux Server mal schnell ein altes ...
Grails Diary [ 172 clicks ] - 2 days 21 hours 27 minutes ago
MrHaki has published the fantastic Grails and Groovy Goodness blogs as notebooks, which is available for purchase. You can acquire both of them as a bundle through MrHaki's blog post here.. ...
Groovy Zone - Everything for the Groovy & Grails developer [ 373 clicks ] - 5 days 5 hours 16 minutes ago
We can use the integrateWith command with Grails to generate for example IDE project files and build system files. We specify via an extra argument the type of files to be generated. We can ...
Groovy Zone - Everything for the Groovy & Grails developer [ 172 clicks ] - 6 days 22 minutes ago
We can extend the integrate-with command in Grails to generate files for a custom IDE or build system. We must add a _Events.groovy file to our Grails projects and then write an im...
Stuff I've learned recently... [ 249 clicks ] - 6 days 4 hours 4 minutes ago
I knew as soon as I wrote about implementing a simple prime number algorithm using Groovy that someone would find a more elegant way of solving the problem. In this post, I want to highlight some of t...
Programming and Stuff - Michael Scharhag's Java development blog [ 510 clicks ] - 6 days 15 hours 38 minutes ago
A few days ago the second beta of Groovy 2.3 got released. One of the major new Groovy 2.3 features are traits. A trait is a reusable set of methods and fields that can be added to one or more classes...
Messages from mrhaki [ 227 clicks ] - 6 days 18 hours 48 minutes ago
Today Grails Goodness Notebook is published. This book is an electronic publication with all blog posts about Grails Goodness bundled. The posts are slightly edited and categorized into sections.The b...
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