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Re: Executing dynamic DSL command groovy - Mohan Radhakrishnan - 8 hours 40 minutes ago

I've been reading the older posts and this code which constructs a closure works. It evalutes this line of code.bootStrap '//*[@id=\"pane\"]'public Object runInContext(Object...

Re: Improving named-argument support groovy - MG - 20 hours 34 minutes ago

I have created a Jira issue about Groovy non-map based named parameter support: On 16.01.2018 06:54, Paul Kin...

Re: Improving named-argument support groovy - Nathan Harvey - 22 hours 10 minutes ago

Paul, I am very much in favor of this idea, but I do not like the execution. The need for those annotations makes it quite verbose and it seems a bit too complex. I agree with Daniil that having t...
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