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groovy - Ken Krebs - 9 hours 44 minutes ago
I've got some code I used for a talk I did recently, Turbocharging Enterprise Java Development with Groovy, that you could look at that shows some direct comparisons of functionally identical ...
groovy - Guillaume Laforge-4 - 10 hours 46 minutes ago
Don't hesitate to post the answer back to StackOverflow.The main user support channel is this mailing-list, and we don't monitor SO very much, so it's usually better to ask here if you...
groovy - jnorthr - 11 hours 39 minutes ago
wonderful - thank you for that idea. i have not done branching before so will learn that one next so it gets included in the docs ! thxjim On 1 August 2014 16:28, C��dric Champeau <[hidden emai...
groovy - jnorthr - 11 hours 41 minutes ago
Most Excellent - thank you very much. It sure helps to get some perspective when you're ! Typically in my websites i would just put in links to each section like "How ...
groovy - efim - 12 hours 19 minutes ago
Do you mind I'll post your answer in StackOverflow ? I've asked the same question and no one answered me.
groovy - efim - 12 hours 24 minutes ago
Hello guys, I first heard about groovy when I was searching for better unit testing framework and I accidentally stumbled upon Spock. I decided to give groovy a try and implemented our first (sma...
groovy - Jochen Theodorou - 12 hours 31 minutes ago
Am 01.08.2014 19:40, schrieb efim: > I have a piece of code that prints the current java file for logging > purposes. > >      final StackTraceElement stackTraceElement ...
groovy - efim - 12 hours 50 minutes ago
I have a piece of code that prints the current java file for logging purposes. final StackTraceElement stackTraceElement = new Throwable().fillInStackTrace().getStackTrace()[2]; final Str...
groovy - Winnebeck, Jason - 13 hours 47 minutes ago
I agree, let them do the work of keeping it up to date, plus it makes the document smaller and less intimidating, and easier to read and use for those who already know how to use git...
groovy - Guillaume Laforge-4 - 14 hours 59 minutes ago
Good point.We could perhaps simplify a bit here, by pointing at the relevant help pages from Github?For example:Setup Git ����� Sign-up for a new Github ...
groovy - Thibault Kruse - 15 hours 7 minutes ago
Hi, while instructions can not really ever be too long for the poor soul who has to follow them, there is a different problem with long instructions: They need much effort to maintain (kept up-to-...
groovy - Winnebeck, Jason - 15 hours 24 minutes ago
What���s up with the contributors list in code, you need to do a PR to say that you might be doing a PR in the future? Why not just have that list in a wiki. I guess I can see why th...
groovy - Guillaume Laforge-4 - 15 hours 37 minutes ago
This looks pretty comprehensive already and very detailed!I haven't read it all in details, just looked at the general structure, etc, and it's a great walk-through to contributing to the ...
groovy - C��dric Champeau - 16 hours 3 minutes ago
Hi Jim, Unfortunately I didn't have time to read carefully, and it's vacation time now, but as a first comment, that's huge work already! I'm not sure we should go as far as describing precisely...
groovy - Jason Cheatham - 16 hours 56 minutes ago
Just FYI, the release: 'Groovy Eclipse 2.9.0 Released' doesn't appear here: On Thursday, July 17, 2014 6:20 PM, Kris De Volder <[hidden email]> ...
groovy - Winnebeck, Jason - 17 hours 38 minutes ago
From searching, this appears to be a generated static member on Groovy classes. So if I were to do it myself, I'd have to find a way to get the class and loop over all of the closures in that clas...
groovy - jnorthr - 17 hours 55 minutes ago
the week-end starts here with a little light reading to put you to sleep - LOL comments appreciated
groovy - Guillaume Laforge - 18 hours 3 minutes ago
Hi all,Following up the recent report from RebelLabs about the 10 kick-ass technologies developers love, Groovy wins the Geek Choice Award!
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