About groovyblogs.org.

groovyblogs was first created by Glen Smith in March 2007 (according to archive.org). Back then it was build on Grails 0.4.2! Since then it had undergone upgrades and improvements, reaching Grails 1.2.x. Then in September 2014 the previous hosting provider stopped its sponsorship, and Glen felt that it was time to move on; asking the team behind GR8Conf Europe if they would take over.

The relaunch groovyblogs.org is largely based on Glen's work. When we got the code it was still build to run on Grails 1.2.x and was using jSecurity for login. We have reused large portions of Glen's work, but had to replace some of it to get it running on Grails 2.4.x. The biggest changes are the replacement of jSecurity in favor of Spring Security and revamping the UI using Twitter Bootstrap.

The new groovyblogs.org is maintained by the team behind GR8Conf Europe and the hosting is sponsored by EasySpeedy

The source code is available on GitHub and pull requests are more than welcome!

For questions and to give moral support write sbglasiusgr8conf.org.

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groovyblogs was first created by Glen Smith. The current version of GroovyBlogs is largely based on his work.

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