The new GroovyBlogs is coming.

The old groovyblog's hosting provider stopped their sponsorship on Sept. 1st. Since then we have been working hard on getting it back online.

We are reusing the code that Glen Smith wrote (running on Grails 1.2) and are revamping it to run on the latest Grails. This takes a little time, so please bear with us.

The good part is, that the feeds are running again and that you can read the RSS feeds again.

The new GroovyBlogs are run by the team behind GR8Conf and the hosting is sponsored by EasySpeedy

Please stay tuned while we get the rest of the site working again

For questions and to give moral support write

GroovyBlog facts:

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GroovyBlogs was first created by Glen Smith. The current version of GroovyBlogs is largely based on his work.

It is now run by the crew behind GR8Conf EU. The source code is available on GitHub and pull requests are welcomed!